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Frequently asked questions


Will you duplicate a mask you have made?

All masks are unique in content and materials. With unlimited possibilities to what can be done, it does not make sense to replicate a mask that has already been created. It is possible to take certain elements of a mask and apply them to a new creation.

Can you wear the masks?

Yes, the masks are life size. You can wear the masks or display them in your home - or do both. The masks are delicate, but with proper care there is no issue wearing the masks.

Can I make payments over time?

Yes, we can work something out to make installments.

Is everything attached to the mask?

Yes. Each mask is a unique piece of art.

What kind of flowers do you use?

The flowers are 100% silk, some of the petals are individually hand-painted and/or glittered by the artist to give a dynamic and realistic look and texture.

Are those real crystals? If so, what kind?

Yes. Every brilliant stone you see is a Swarovski crystal.

How long do the masks take to make?

Each is different. Some, in a flurry of spontaneous inspiration, have only taken a day. Others have taken months to fully come to fruition.

Did you really make these?

Yes. Each mask is handmade by the artist, and each mask is a one-of-a-kind work of fine art. They are not mass-produced.